Meet the friends

Curious Friends Club is made of three people: Mark Lorence, Meghan Cain-Davis, and Chris Davis. We all love learning new things, so we figured we’d get together and create a place to archive our learnings and inspire others to join along the way. That’s this! You’re here! If you want a bit more background on Curious Friends Club, we got you covered here. If you want to meet us…well…read on.  

First, a little backstory

Chris and Mark met in, well, let’s call it 2002, when Chris gave Mark his old cell phone. They’ve been close ever since. Meghan entered the picture when she and Chris matched on OkCupid in 2015. Roughly a year later, they were married. It’s precious!

We draw inspiration from similar things, but more often than not, we find ourselves learning from each other’s unique interests. Among other things, Meghan loves health and fitness. Mark loves technology and business. Chris loves cooking and design. We spend a lot of time sharpening our skills in these areas and others. Now, we get to share those learnings with you!

Here’s who you’ll hang out with on Curious Friends Club:

Chris Davis

Chris is a self-taught designer by trade. He started out in school for film, but throughout a series of events and several colleges later, he entered the field of UX Design with nothing more than an associates degree. Many years (and many jobs) later, he now spends his days designing at Trello.

Chris is married to Meghan, with whom he shares a beautiful life and three cats.

Right now, Chris is interested in coding, design, cooking, technology, mindfulness and personal finance.


The self-proclaimed queen of FOMO, Meghan dabbles in a lot of interests but never goes in too deep. This is why she spent almost 10 years as a journalist learning a little about a lot and telling everyone’s stories. A stint of her adult life was used to help nonprofits utilize technology more efficiently, and now she is pursuing a career as a fitness instructor.

Meghan is married to Chris, with whom she shares a beautiful life and three cats 😉

Right now, she is interested in group fitness, kundalini breathing techniques, user research, qigong, mindfulness, vegetarianism, cooking, personal development, The Life Jar challenges, music, writing, and embroidery.


Always a lifelong learner, Mark spent years in the education field and taught Elementary Education for a short time. However, even after leaving his school teacher life, he still continues to have a passion for learning more and teaching others. Whether it is product management, customer education, or just how to set up Bluetooth in your new Honda, Mark is there to lend a hand. He is extremely excited to be writing about the things he is learning and is always up for digging into new and challenging topics.

Right now, he is learning more about product management, music (specifically EDM), home repairs, technology, personal growth, mindfulness, productivity, and just being a better, informed person.